How to take care of Human Hair Extensions?

Author : Andy / 2018


Good quality hair can last long not only because of the quality but also the way you care it.

It’s ok to say that brushing your hair is as important as brushing your teeth.
Additionally, investing in the right kind of brush for your extensions is also essential. Generally, in order to detangle your hair without breaking it all off, a Looper brush or soft brittle brush is recommended. It is important to brush extensions as gently as possible to prevent irreversible frizz and damage.


Washing hair extensions can be tricky. First of all, you must ensure that your hair extensions are completely detangled before you wash them. Even though your extended hair won’t become as dirty as your real hair, it is still essential to wash them at regular intervals to ensure that they remain properly maintained.
It is also vital to be gentle in the process as tender care must be taken while brushing them. Tangled hair can be prevented by washing small portions or strands of your hair at a time and shampooing and rinsing them in a downward motion. If the hair is still tangled after washing, a wide toothed comb may be used.
It is also a great idea to tilt your hair back while washing it if you use non-removable hair extensions. Usually, flipping your over your head to wash it can tangle the extensions and turn your hair into one big frizzy mess.


Investing in a good conditioner which suits your hair extensions is one of the most important parts about owning clip-ins. A leave-on conditioner should preferably be used for your new hair. Following the same downward motion used during washing, apply the conditioner to the hair extensions and use a suitable brush to remove any tangles.
It is never a good idea to apply too much conditioner to hair extensions. If you use an inappropriate product for your hair extensions or condition them too much, your hair extensions will most likely become dull and dirty much faster than usual. There will also be relatively more tangles in the hair extensions if over-conditioned.
You should make it a point to avoid tying your hair in tight knots or pulling too hard. Not only does this apply to both synthetic and human hair extensions, but you should also be careful if you have a habit of rough treatment of your natural hair. Wringing and tying hair very tight can easily damage both extensions and natural hair and should be avoided at all costs. Another thing to keep in mind is to avoid contact of direct sunlight with your extensions since this may damage the hair and the bonds.


Using heat to dry your hair extensions is as dangerous as it would be for your natural hair. It is important to let hair extensions dry naturally since the excessive heat may cause damage and frizz.
However, if you still wish to blow dry your hair every once in a while, it is a good idea to dry the bonds of the hair extensions using the lowest heat setting possible before you continue styling the rest of your hair. This ensures that your extensions do not break or shed due to the styling. Naturally, you should also avoid the use of flat irons on your bonds to prevent the bonds from getting sticky and damaged.

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